M3080 Variable Speed Mixer

  • Height: 26 in.
  • Width: 16 in.
  • Depth: 11 in.
  • Weight: 35 lbs

Customizable speed sequences
Users can create custom speed and timing sequences using the M3080 Variable Speed Mixer controls. This allows the creation of mixing sequences which are exactly configured to meet the requirements of your test fluids and cements.

Once created, these customized sequences can be run automatically, at the touch of a button. Alternatively, two constant speed ranges, 4,000 rpm and 12,000 rpm, are also available automatically, allowing the user to choose an API speed while adding cement.

26"W x 16"H x 11"D
35 lbs
Shipping Weight:
45 lbs
Container Material:
Stainless Steel
2 Constant Speed Ranges:
Preset to 4,000 rpm & 12,000 rpm (can be modified by user)
Power Voltage:
115VAC or 220VAC (can be operated with 1.25 KVA power supply)
Power Frequency:
50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Durable stainless steel mixing blades
  • 1 L stainless steel mixing container that can withstand abrasive action
  • 2 preset (and customizable) mixing speeds
  • Variable speeds
  • Complies with all API standards
  • Microprocessor controlled speeds allow operator to set customized speed acceleration rate
  • User-friendly LCD display of rpm and time
  • Rotational speed is maintained at set point with microprocessor
  • Timing relays automatically control mixing at the required rpm
  • No variation in thickening time tests due to changes in shear rate
  • Operator can quickly select API speeds while adding cement to mixer
Downloads for the Lubricity Dynamic Filtration Drilling Simulator: