M7530 HPHT Corrosion Tester

  • Corrosion Consistometer Dimensions: 53"H x 26"W x 26"D
  • Corrosion Module Dimensions: 10.3"H x 3.2"W x 3.2"D
  • Sample Cup Rotation : 250 rpm
  • Max Pressure: 25,000 psi | Max Temp: 400°F

Innovatively Designed to accurately determine corrosion rate
The Grace Instrument Corrosion Tester Module can help to determine the corrosion rate, or loss of metal due to chemical reactions. The module features a rotating cup that contains up to 2 coupons that turns in various speeds up to 250 rpm through a mag-drive mechanism. A programmed acceleration-deceleration motion ensures contact fully between coupons and acid.

The cup is then placed into the test chamber of the M7530 Corrosion Tester Consistometer. The consistometer features an accurately controlled shear rate between the testing coupons and testing fluid. It can also accurately predict the corrosion rate of tested coupons under variations of testing fluid shearing conditions.

The innovative hardware design makes the module easy to set up, easy to use and easy to clean. Double-seal design prevents acid leakage from sample cup into pressure chamber. It also can perform full API HP/HT cement consistency testing with a supplied module.

Simple Setup, Easy Operation via PC Control
User-specified conditions of temperature and pressure are applied to the test chamber under the precise automatic control. The custom PC software included with each unit allows the user to construct test sequences, run tests, and interpret test results quickly and efficiently.

Dimensions: 53" Height x 26" Width x 26" Depth (Corrosion Consistometer)
                         10.3" Height x 3.2" Width x 3.2" Depth
Temperature Range: Ambient to 400°F
Max Pressure: 25,000 psi
Pressure Medium: White Mineral Oil
Heater: 3,000 W
Power Supply: 240V, 50Hz or 60 Hz
Sample Cup Rotation: 0 - 250 rpm
Compliance: API Spec 10A/ ISO 10426-1
  • Double seal design prevents acid contact with hydraulic oil
  • Corrosion coupons tested in separate cells
  • Automatic pressure, temperature, and rotating speed control
  • Fully customized testing sequence in PC software
  • Optimized control panel for ease of use
  • Dual thermocouples with limit temperature control
  • Optional consistency measurement module available
Downloads for the M7530 HPHT Corrosion Tester: