M9111 Filtration Assembly

  • Size: 90 mm
  • Diameter: 90 mm
  • Filter Sizes: 47 mm/ 300 ml capacity | 90 mm / 1,000 ml capacity

M9111 Filtration Assemblies
Filtration Assemblies are designed for high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), particulate, and microbiological contamination filtrations.

Sintered glass support provides even, flat support structure for membrane filters. They are available in 47-mm or 90-mm filter sizes. Filtering flasks are also available, but sold separately.

Dimensions: 20" height x 9" width x 9" depth
Weight: 15 lbs
Working Pressure: 100 psig
Filtering Area: 7.1 in2
  • Coarse fritted glass support base
  • Graduated glass funnel with 300ml or 1,000ml capacity
  • Anodized aluminum clamp
  • #8 silicone stopper with 9/16-inch hole
Downloads for the M9111 Filtration Assembly: