M9700 Series PVT System

  • Height: Custom
  • Width: Custom
  • Depth: Custom
  • Weight: Custom
  • The 9000 series of products are customizable.

Pressure-Volume System Provides Accurate, Repeatable Results
The Grace Instrument M9700 PVT System is designed to study the phase behavior of hydrocarbon fluids. The system is mercury-free, featuring an embedded pump which generates the required pressure for test operations. Test fluid volume is monitored for expansion or contraction while under varying conditions of temperature, pressure, and volume. These conditions are computer-controlled and are completely customizable through user-designed test sequences created with the included PC software.

Efficient & Dependable PVT System
The M9700 analyzer can be used either at a field location or in the laboratory. The PVT cell features a window through the cell wall, allowing visual observation of the sample fluid during test operations. The apparatus can perform constant mass expansion tests (i.e. CME), constant mass depletion (i.e. CMD), differential vaporization studies (i.e. DV), constant volume depletion (i.e. CVD), swelling test, separator test, etc. During test operations the software records test data, including pressure, total volume, retrograde liquid volume, and temperature. The instrument hardware components stir the fluids while providing conditions of pressure and temperature. The recorded data can then be exported in .CSV format into a spreadsheet file to derive the PVT parameters.

Multiple Test Options for Comprehensive PVT Testing
The M9700 gives the operator the greatest possible number of options for testing parameters. Extreme high-resolution measurement of pressure, temperature, phase, vapor, liquid volume, gas volume, and more can all be tracked accurately and repeatably by the improved computer-controlled sensors and the state-of-the-art data analysis software that powers the entire system.

Dimensions: All of the M9000 series products are customizable per customer's request.
Temperature Range: -40°C to 205°C
Pressure Range: Atm. to 15,000 psi/ 104 MPa
Volume Accuracy: 0.1 cm3
Cell Volume: 210 ml and above
Temperature Reading: ± 0.2°C
Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
Viewing Cell: U-shaped and see through
Material: SS-316, HC-276, or inconel
Visual Volume: 400cm3 or 240cm3
  • Mercury-free design
  • Computer-controlled data logging
  • Visual observation cell
  • Constant temperature control system
  • Detection in both oil and gas condensate studies
  • Designed for maximum accuracy and operator safety
  • Innovative data analysis algorithms
  • Comparison of current test data with historical test data
  • System hardware and software customized to your specifications
Downloads for the M9700 Series PVT System: