M9735 Restoration Apparatus

  • Speed Agitation: Variable
  • Cylinder Size: Upon customer request
  • Number of Cylinders: 2
  • Working Temp: 150° C

Restore samples to reservoir conditions
The Grace Instrument M9735 Restoration Apparatus was designed to restore samples to its original reservoir conditions. Cylinders are placed in heating jackets on each side of Restoration Apparatus. Motorized rocking system has minimum variable speed from 2 to 5 cycles/ minimum. Temperature is controlled by temperature regulator on heating jacket. Restoration Apparatus is equipped with heavy duty casters so as to enable the easy movement of the apparatus to anywhere in the lab.

High Pressure Piston Cylinder compatible with the apparatus is available. The cylinder is equipped with a ball mixer to stir sample. Cylinder size is adjustable upon request.

Maximum Working Temperature: 150°C
Number of Cylinders: 2 (other specifications upon request)
Cylinder Size: Upon Request
Variable Speed: 2 to 5 cycles minimum
Speed Agitation: Varies
Eletrical Requirements: 220-240 VAC, 50 Hz
  • Mercury-free appartus used to restore samples
  • Heating jacket/mantel allows user to control temperature
  • Wheeled cart to move equipment easily
  • Eletrical cabinet to control the apparatus
  • Motorized rocking system included for proper agitation procedures
  • Ball mixer included in High Pressure Piston Cylinder for proper agitation and mixing procedures
Downloads for the M9735 Restoration Apparatus: