M9100 Automatic Core Flow Tester

  • Height: 28 in.
  • Width: 70 in.
  • Depth: 26 in.
  • Weight: 250 lbs.
  • Core Dimensions: 1" to 1.5" diam by 6" to 24" length
  • The 9000 series products are all customizable.

Streamlined workflow allows for multiple test operations without draining confining fluid between tests
Designed to maximize efficiency, the M9100 hardware design allows for multiple test operations without draining confining fluid, enabling the researcher to conduct multiple tests without multiple set-up and clean-up times.

Complete automatic valve and fluid control
The M9100 software is customized to your specifications to allow for maximum automation of the test process, including digital control of valves, fluid injection, and many other test operations and parameters.

The instrument is designed to accurately measure permeability changes to a formation core sample in a high temperature and high pressure environment, while exposing it to a variety of test fluids. A core that is collected from a formation is inserted into a core holder. A computer with Grace Instrument M9100 Core Flow™ software controls the environment within the core holder and the injection rate and/or pressure of fluid into the core. Many different types of tests can be performed with the M9100 by changing the test parameters in the test setup section of the M9100 Core Flow™ software.

28" height x 70" width x 26" depth
Core Dimensions:
1" to 1.5" diameter by 6" to 24" length
270 lbs.
Operating Temperature:
Ambient to 392°F
Confining Pressure:
Atm to 15,000 psi
Working Pressure:
Atm to 10,000 psi
Back Pressure:
Atm to 10,000 psi
1L sample capacity
Fluid Injection Rate:
0 to 80 ml/min (depending on pump type)
Core Dimensions:
1 or 1.5 inch x 6 to 24 inch
220 VAC±10% or three-phase AC 380 VAC±10%, 50Hz
  • Optional automatic gas porosity and permeability measurement
  • Optional automatic core loading
  • Optional heating band or convection oven temperature control
  • Optional fluid pre-heating prior to contact with the core sample
  • Optional slim tube system
  • Optional resistivity & ultrasonic measurement
Downloads for the M9100 Automatic Core Flow Tester: